The Brand

The brand evokes a sense of peaceful calm, a journey away from life’s daily pressures. Our tone reflects this, never loud or overly emphatic.
The symbol is made up of our initials in a creative way to translate our persona, quality of work, unique process, and progression to becoming a leading brand in our industry.
The construction of Hagave logotype is based on purely geometric forms, the circle, and the line. In combination, these elements establish the foundation for the expression of the identity and communicate senses of movement and harmony.

Discovering Hagave

Hagave exists to awaken the senses and inspire and simplify the alchemy of fine cocktail making.

Hagave is spiced nectar that brings high-quality, consistent spicy flavor to the drink category.
The name “Hagave” is a play on the key ingredient, agave, and the spicy effect it produces when combined with the other ingredients to create hotness and heat.

Our Essence 

As professional bartenders, we are obsessed with flavor, and the purity and complexity of our products are unmatched — and we are always exploring new possibilities.


We work tirelessly to source the highest quality ingredients and bring them together in the best possible way in order to let the essence of our ingredients shine.