The Story

LINX Energy Drink is located in Valencia. Its founder is Mateo Gallego, a 23 year old young man from Asturias, who took the risk of starting up a company dedicated to the manufacture of energy drinks.
Currently, LINX Energy Drink has managed to position itself in several markets in Europe, America and Africa, with a very competitive price and with a great deployment of digital promotion of its products on social networks and on its website.

The Concept

LINX Energy Drink, has strived, since its inception, to have a manufacturing process of their drinks that meets the highest quality standards, in addition to a careful selection of ingredients that provide an exquisite taste and vitamin balance to each of the drinks.

The Market

A European brand of energy drinks manufactured to the highest quality standards. LINX Energy Drink beverages have been designed to satisfy all audiences; from top athletes to ordinary people who like to have strength, vitality and high levels of concentration to achieve efficient performance in all activities of the day.