To clearly articulate XMANNA brand positioning, values, alignment of value creation to audiences, and brand tone-of-voice.
XMANNA is the result of friends coming together to seek practical solutions to strengthening blockchain technology in the real world.

Visual Identity 

The XMANNA logotype consists of a distinct wordmark and is our primary identifier. It must be used consistently across all channels in proper, approved forms. XMANNA, a global brand name: Our primary contribution from the name XMANNA (X-ma-nah), is to help create a globally recognized brand using one consistent name across multiple languages.

Look and Feel

The XMANNA experience is pure magic. It seamlessly integrates gaming, loyalty programs, content and payments into a robust platform.
The visual treatment of our brand imagery can help to create emphasis where needed and helps us to create a unified and consistent visual tone across a variety of source images and distribution channels.

Digital Branding

Our colors add emotion to our brand, Our app icon, or avatar, contains both our symbol and our brand colors. It carries our identity and represents our brand across multiple platforms from the app icon to app stores, to our Instagram profile.

Blockchain + XMANNA Token

One stadium at a time Using the Sports Ecosystem XMANNA is bringing blockchain games to the masses.
We have partnered with major pro sports stadiums who are looking for solutions to hold their fan’s attention. XMANNA digitizes the sports stadium ecosystem while integrating major blockchain games for fans to interact.

InterMiami + XMANNA

As part of the sponsorship agreement, XMANNA becomes the Club’s first-ever jersey sleeve partner as well as the Official Loyalty and Gamification Partner of Inter Miami CF. During the 2022 MLS season, XMANNA and Inter Miami CF will together reward fans for their continuous loyalty with exclusive prizes as well as elevate the fan experience through gamification within the Inter Miami CF App.