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Panamera, a branding story.

Panamera’s story began in early 2011 when after 9 years of success in Europe, Chesco Sánchez, a passionate and devoted branding expert, brought his expertise to the United States market.

His talents may have never crossed the ocean had he not met his bride-to-be while she was studying abroad in Spain. Upon her unfortunate departure, he decided to follow her to the U.S. for reasons only known to the heart.

It was not long after that Panamera’s Miami office opened its doors to success in the American market.

After positioning and creating countless successful branding projects for leading companies and developing case studies throughout Spain, Europe and Latin America, it seemed only natural that Panamera expand to the United States.

Recently Panamera opened a new office en Argentina with our art director Damián Di Patrizio in the front head of the team after more than ten years working together in branding projects around the world. 

We currently work with clients in cities such as Miami, Memphis and New York. We also have clients in Canada, Mexico, Colombia and beyond with whom we work to design brands and create strategies to achieve success. Our innovation and passion is highly regarded by a number of notable American companies.

Chesco Sánchez

Chesco Sánchez was born in Murcia, Spain in 1980. Founder and director of Panamera, Chesco Sanchez began his professional career at the young age of 22, having recently graduated with a degree in Multimedia and Design (International College) he also earned two masters degrees, one in business management and marketing (European Business School) and one in advertising communication (IEDE Barcelona).

Upon completion of his studies in 2002 he founded the agency Comunica, a full service advertising agency and achieved great success throughout Spain and Europe.

In 2010 the company Panamera was born, a brand focused on international branding which maintains its headquarters in Spain and has opened an additional two branch offices in Miami, Florida and Cordoba, Argentina.

Chesco Sánchez

Damián Di Patrizio

Damián Di Patrizio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his designer career at the young age of 21 having recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design (Blas Pascal University, Córdoba, Argentina) and working for the advertising agency Brokers DDB. After that, the creative director of Sonar (Italy) asked Damian to take care of the studios art direction, so he emigrated to Italy. In Sonar he worked for important firms such as Adobe and ABB.  

In 2005, the Barcelona’s design studio Frontiera Diligent asked him to head the art direction. This time he worked for firms such as Lendan, Sabadell Bank and Caixa Catalunya.

His work has been published by major publishers like Taschen and Victionary. In 2010 he joined Panamera as Art Director after a long history of working with its founder, Chesco Sanchez.

Damián Di Patrizio

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