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We are a multidisciplinary creative agency specializing in bringing brands, their stories and experiences to life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good design can create meaningful connections, lasting value and real impact.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, helping them to frame their biggest problems – and solving them through design. Our user-centric, multi-disciplinary approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across all digital, physical and communications touchpoints.

Our Services

Our multisciplinary team of strategists, designers, brand experts, and UX/UI specialists bring talent, expertise and experience to provide a wide range of services:

Brand Development

We combine expertise in brand strategy, identity, digital, retail, environmental, product and service design to define and connect every aspect of a brand experience.

Naming and Messaging

We develop naming and messaging that communicates clearly. Building evocative and differentiated names requires more experience than it used to, that’s never been a problem here. That’s because naming is not just a sideline at Panamera. All the good names are taken, so our clients have to settle for great ones.

Digital Design

At Panamera, we recognize that digital branding is far more than just website design. It’s central to a comprehensive marketing strategy that seamlessly integrates online and offline brand experiences. That’s why a digital presence is one of the first areas we look at when embarking on a branding project.

Packaging Design

A good package makes friends. And sales. It creates impact, meaning, immediacy, and delight-long before it’s opened and long after. Properly executed, product packaging has the ability to connect with people, driving preference and bottom-line growth.

Branded Environments

Where brands meet the physical world, we have the experience to deliver uniquely compelling branded environments. From retail to workspace to tradeshows and pop-up events, we consider every detail as a touchpoint that creates lasting impressions and builds equity for your brand.

Our Approach

The foundation of our process is in developing a clear understanding of your objectives, your audience and what makes your business or product different. This understanding informs every decision we make throughout the process and execution.


What your audience thinks of you, what you think of yourself, what you want to accomplish. Discovery is where we talk to a lot of people, ask a lot of questions and analyze every piece of data we can get our hands on.


Where you are in the market, where you want to be and how to get there. Definition is where our Discovery learning is boiled down into actionable insight and strategic direction. It is an iterative process that we do together with you. When we are done, you have a strategic design brief for positioning, marketing and aligning your brand.


Where and how to connect with your customer. How you look, speak and act when you do. Design is not just the creative expression of the brand; it is creating the context, the content and the connection between your brand and the audience.


Seeing the execution of your brand through, ensuring quality and consistency. Delivery is where we focus on the implementation and execution of your brand, leveraging our expertise to execute on time and on budget. In some cases, your team may take over the implementation, in which case we can help to provide support.

Our Team

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